Yle Innovation Lead joins speaker line-up

Satu Keto 1050x591

Satu Keto works at Yleisradio Technology & Development as an Innovation Lead. Her main job is to develop, anticipate, experiment and pilot. For example text-to-speech technologies and content for smart speakers. OR trying to develop the first synthetic character for Yle, to think about ways of non-linear narration for media content, especially for audio content, and consider future user interfaces and personalisation. We recognize possible futures and inspire Yleisradio to move towards them through experimentation. Uncertainties and risks are OK.

Satu Keto enjoys working and sharing thoughts with inspiring people, thinking far into the future and occasionally looking through sci-fi glasses.

‘If someone comments: “that is imagination, that is not feasible” my answer might be:”I know – not yet!”‘

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