Young Hosts, Music And FOMO – Captivating Young People


Breakfast show-hosting tag team Christian Bonde and Maria Fantino
shared their own checklist and taught the delegates through their most
valuable strategies how to engage listeners. Hiring young hosts may seem
obvious, but it is actually crucial. As Christian said: “If you engage
with the listener in your own life, they will feel closer to you. But
remember to pick topics about them”
Through the voice of Maria, the Danish duo closed their statement with
a powerful message: “We want to be entertained and we want to feel
seen. In a world where everyone wants to be unique, being relatable is
public service!”
In Switzerland, content manager Nadine Nikles has been bringing
alternative music to mainstream airwaves in Radio Swiss Virus. With 20
editions, 8×15 has proven to be a hit among young people throughout
the country. The event’s format is having 8 bands playing 15 minutes
each at one location. It is not a competition giving up-and-coming musicians a stage and an audience.
1LIVE at ARD reaches 3 million listeners daily. And they use both radio
first and digital first approaches on their morning show. This allows
them to reach wider audiences, and also to narrow targets more
precisely. Creating specific user-cases is helpful, but keeping focus
is critical. As Robert Rack said “focus on what you really know how to
do and be really good at that. There’s no need to do everything
everywhere. Go beyond content, create experiences for your audiences”

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