Your podcast is more than audio: repurposing Content 10x

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Podcast listeners are growing in number and there’s no doubt about that. But in the United States seven in ten people don’t listen to podcasts. “Listeners are still a minority”, said Amy Woods. That means podcast producers need to connect to people in different ways. Just because somebody doesn’t listen to podcasts doesn’t mean they don’t want the content you’re producing – and this is where repurposing comes in. 

One way to repurpose is to spread little parts of podcasts across many platforms and formats. 

Her takeaway was to be organised and disciplined with scheduling your repurposed content. Know when and what you are going to post. Video is integral – filming your podcast and putting clips on social media can be a great engagement tool. She used the example of CarPool karaoke, we’ve all seen the clips even if we don’t watch the show. 

Understand that your audience learns in different ways, some prefer written content and others video.

Podcasts are prerecorded content but it’s still important you engage with your audience. You can build a community through live talks on social media that breaks down the barrier between you and your audience.

Amy Woods also noted that bringing value through freebie content can be a great way to engage your audience and to get the emails of listeners or viewers. 

So you’ve created a podcast? Now turn into an article, a video trailer, a social media post and a newsletter – you’ll find an audience you didn’t know were out there.

Written by Gonçalo Borbinha, Gonçalo Martins and Meg Long

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