Lina Chawaf




Rozana is a non-profit independent media organization established in July 2013 in France. Rozana respects human rights, with a primary focus on gender equality and women/girls’ rights advanced through a variety of activities, including advocacy and policy dialogue, awareness-raising, service provision, and freedom of interaction and expression. Rozana seeks to spread awareness and develop youths’ capacities through the exchange of opinions and experiences by providing reliable information via radio, creative digital interactive tools, innovative content, and digital communities on social media. Without any political affiliation, and with an explicit editorial policy following a code of conduct, since its launch, Rozana highlighted being a Radio, and multimedia platform addressed to all Syrians. Rozana’s main objective is to provide free access to reliable and high-quality information to all Syrians both inside and outside Syria based on a robust vision that is to contribute in response to the Syrian crisis where well-informed and empowered young Syrian confidently can assume their place in the society and shape a better future to be able to interact freely with each other, access rights-based, balanced, conflict-sensitive, and trustworthy information, exchange their opinions and experiences and develop their capacities. By producing innovative and diversified media content, Rozana helps young Syrians to express themselves, be aware of their rights to information, and free speech, and participate in decision-making.