Jorge Alexandre Lopes





RTP, the Portuguese Public Service Media, offers a pack of 17 different stations.

A set of three national channels: the Full Service News, Sports, and Music Antena 1; the Classic and Culture Antena 2; and the Alternative Pop Music-Based Antena 3.

The World Service RDP Internacional delivers programming to Portuguese audiences all over the planet. Also, another international channel is RDP Africa, a full-service station with a mix of music, news, sports, and culture focusing on Portuguese-speaking African countries and audiences. Three regional services do have local programming in both islands, Madeira and the Azores.

The radio offer is complemented with a digital radio package that highlights the Radio Zig Zag channel, a full-service format designed to target children aged 5 to 10.

Other digital channels are dedicated to jazz, classic Portuguese music hits, Fado, and opera. There’s a talk station feed with debate on current affairs, social and educational content, public service thematic components, and finally, Oldies and Classic Radio Moments of Public Radio, reviewing memories of the last 80 years.