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Corinna Drumm




The Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Austria (VÖP) was founded in 1993. VÖP represents all major commercial TV and Radio Broadcasters in the Austrian market, counting approximately 50 members.

Austria was one of the last European radio markets to be liberalised (1998). Thus, the main focus of VÖP is strengthening a dual broadcasting market with fair competition and equal opportunities for both commercial and public broadcasters. Moreover, VÖP acts as partner of regulatory of other institutional authorities, the government, political parties and other associations. VÖP also accompanies its members regarding several commercial issues such as collective agreements, digitalisation, music and copyrights etc.

VÖP is managed by a Director General and the Board of Directors. It has two divisions: Board Radio and Board TV. Additionally, it organises trainings and further education for the employees of private broadcasters in Austria.