Radiodays Europe Inclusive
Sunday 17th March 2024

Everything about sales, sales houses and much more!

Join the Inclusive Session at Radiodays Europe!

Radiodays Europe Inclusive – Sunday:  10.00 – 12.00 @Radidoays Europe Munich 2024


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Price for Inclusive: 39 EUR + VAT 19%

Why join Radiodays Europe Inclusive

Radiodays Inclusive formerly Radiodays Europe Women is an event which has been held since Radiodays Europe Vienna. It’s a chance to learn, explore and network with delegates interested in the topics of inclusion, diversity, well-being in the work place, strategies for teams and much more! This year we have a fantastic line up of speakers and trainers bringing you their knowledge through a series of workshops and interactive sessions. Don’t miss this one, see you in Munich!

10-10.45 – Building a sense of belonging
Interactive workshop delving into how to build a sense of belonging with your audience and within your workplace. Speakers will introduce their subject then attendees get to choose which workshop they would like to attend for the following 30 minutes.
Whether you want to learn more about how to protect the mental health of journalists or targeting (and getting) a specific audience, or making your workplace safe for everyone, you’ll hear advice from the people who are experts in their fields.
11-11.45 – Your trusted Circle
We all have a circle of trusted people. In this workshop we help you identify them and explore why they are in your trusted circle.
Speakers & Trainers include:

Rosie Kendrik, Prolark Media, Abu Baker Hussain, NRK, Galvan Mehidi, NRK, Tara Lina Shahin, NRK, Sandeep Singh, NRK, Erik Sivertsen, NRK, Rozenn Le Carboulec, Independant, Ella Gibson-Weekes, Podcast, Reece Moore, bigFM, Iram Ansari, NRK, Harry Lock, PMA

We look forward to seeing you in Munich!

RDE Inclusive 

Date: Sunday 17th March 2024

Venue: ICM Messe Munich

Registration opens: 10.00