Anna Lizák




Founded in 2013, RadioAnalyzer quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most innovative and effective insight tools for Radio and Audio makers. Specializing in Market Surveillance, Behavioural Analysis, and Big Data solutions for Programmers around the world, the company from northern Denmark today delivers audience insight and market research for  formats ranging from Talk to Classical Music and EDM, as well as the good old CHR and AC flagships.

Their often copied but never achieved RadioAnalyzer Pro Software Suite delivers up to date insight on actual listener behaviour – generated by real time audience reactions – providing radio decision makers with practical tools, benchmark dashboards, market surveillance, business intelligence reports, and an entire music testing suite analyzing song performance, trends, and burn. Not just another consulting company, they believe in “the oldest social media platform there is: radio” and are committed to moving it into the future with predictive analytics – knowing radio listeners and understanding their preferences without relying on outdated questionnaires and old-school surveys.

What sets them apart is not only the groundbreaking tools and the insights they deliver but their love and knowledge of the market they work in: Radio. Founded and run by radio fanatics, they’ve spent the last 10+ years tirelessly developing and improving RadioAnalyzer Pro and Music Test by RadioAnalyzer to give audio makers the most innovative insight tool on the market.

2024 is an especially exciting year for the RadioAnalyzer Suite with two new functions going to market:

   – Introducing automated and AI-enhanced Content Testing to deliver fast

   and comprehensive feedback on what kind of talk content is working, and

   what isn’t.

   – Playlist Autopilot 2.0: automate your entire playlist and rotation

   prep, delivering tailor made song rotations based on listener reactions and

   market moves.”