Olle Zachrison

News Commissioner at Swedish Radio

Olle Zachrison is News Commissioner at Swedish Radio (SR). He heads SR’s work on news strategy for all platforms and commissions news content from SR’s 33 news producing newsrooms around Sweden. Olle is co-founder of the Nordic AI Journalism Network, an industry network with 200+ members from all Nordic countries exchanging ideas on how to strengthen journalism with artificial intelligence in a responsible and transparent way.

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09:05 - 09:45
Track 4

How AI and synthetic voice meet audiences today

Forget the big visions and talk of future potential for a second, what are the hands-on use cases of AI-powered audio and synthetic voice in production today? Olle Zachrison, News Commissioner at Swedish Radio, demoes together with guests a range of practical examples from different media companies including cloned voices, AI revoicing, automated news bulletins and even AI generated radio stations.

10:00 - 10:40
Track 2

A 360° conversation with Bridging In Action stakeholders

Bridging broadcast and digital is back in Prague 2023, in ‘Action Mode’ with a focus on how to harness bridging to develop new audiences and new opportunities. Many organisations are facing huge amounts of change, which challenges team managers & leaders, creators and technologists alike. But how to implement it in an inclusive and friendly way? How to organise? How is technology enabling this? How can we thrive as professionals? Bridging from the strategy perspectives of executives and those crossing the chasm. Held in a Round Room it is a fast paced, forward thinking, interactive round-table which gives practical tips to bridge to new audiences and create new opportunities, not shying away from addressing potential clashes.

14:45 - 15:30
Track 1

30 ideas

It's back 30 ideas! Once again join us for this epic session of ideas, fun, a bit of madness in a fantastic end to Radiodays Europe 2023...this is the one not to miss!