13 reasons to visit Radiodays Europe 2018


13 reasons to join us at Radiodays Europe in Vienna, 2018; 

  1. It’s all about radio, if you’re part of the radio industry you need to be part of Radiodays Europe 2018
  2. Radiodays Europe is again focusing on the growth in the audio market which is affecting radio which you need to know about
  3. We bring together speakers and participants from around the radio and audio world to network, discuss, solve and share the best of radio today 
  4. There is a look at the new and unique radio formats for news, talk, music, podcasts and much more
  5. The focus is on hard hitting journalism and storytelling and everything inbetween
  6. More markets, more knowledge; learn how radio people from other markets are solving your problems, increasing their audience share and making radio that appeals to all or to a niche few
  7. A showcase of the latest technologies and hardware – digital, web, hybrid, social media, smartphones, home hubs 
  8. It’s where the research is at; how are audience behaviours changing the way people listen to radio, what’s happening in the car, what future trends could affect radio 
  9. The place where private and public radio meets, where competition ends and collaboration begins
  10. A conference for innovation in sales, marketing and creating new revenue streams can be discussed 
  11. RDE is where the senior decision makers and influences speak, meet and share their strategies and visions for the future 
  12. See the latest or show the latest products and services in the RDE exhibition from your company to an audience focused on radio and audio 
  13. Join us at Radiodays Europe Vienna 2018 because there isn’t a city like it for art, food, culture and music! 

To register for Radiodays Europe and enjoy the Super Early Bird rate until 30th November click here

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