The 7 Building Blocks of Reflective Journalism


The building blocks you need as a journalist


How do we build a journalism that better reflects society, provides users with the information they need to participate, and inspires trust? The process starts by reflecting on where journalism’s gone wrong, and the questions we never stopped to ask. Drawing on his work around both news storytelling and inclusion in both newsrooms and society, Shirish Kulkarni will outline the difficult questions we need to start addressing, and set out a framework on which we can build change.

Shirish is an award-winning journalist and researcher with 25 years’ experience working in all the UK’s major broadcast newsrooms. He now works across a number of innovation and inclusion projects focused on building more effective, engaging and equitable journalism. He’s spent the last three years asking fundamental questions about what journalism is, and who it’s for, in order to construct a model of reflective journalism that better represents all our people and communities.

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