Add a Masterclass – 5 Masterclasses available


Add a Masterclass – 5 Masterclasses available Register Now

Don´t miss the unique opportunity to go more into depth in one of our Sunday masterclasses on Sunday 18th with some of the best trainers in their field.

We are offering 4 quality masterclasses to improve your skills in Agile Project Management, Voice Training, Pitch Your Ideas and Working With Talent. Plus an exclusive Q&A masterclass with one of America´s most famous breakfast hosts, Elvis Duran from Z100.

This is a way to get even more out of Radiodays Europe and a head start already on Sunday, prior to the main Radiodays Europe conference in Vienna. The masterclasses are available for an extra fee. They  are only available as an upgrade option for participants with an RDE ticket.

Limited availability! First come first served. Price: 50 EUR + VAT for masterclasses 1-4, and 40 EUR +VAT for masterclass number 5. Sign up now on the website.


Sunday 18 March 10.30-13.00

1. The Peak Performance Masterclass: Working with talent

Travis Kemp (Consulting, Coaching & Organisational Psychologist, Australia)

This masterclass will identify and explore a range of approaches, techniques and methods to build the performance alliance between producers and directors and their performing artists and provide frameworks for continuous maintenance and improvement in performance.

Dr. Travis Kemp, Australia, has worked with peak performing artists, executives and leaders for over 30 years and across multiple industries including radio and television. As an Organisational, Exercise & Sport and Counselling Psychologist and an accomplished business leader, academic, researcher, writer and entrepreneur, Dr. Trav brings a unique depth and breadth of insight into the world of peak performance and world class performers.


Sunday 18 March 10.30-13.00

2. Voice training: Master the magic instrument of your voice to sound credible 

Emma Rodero (Radio Researcher, Trainer and Professor, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain)

How many times do you have to speak in public? And how many times do you have to deliver a radio message? In both situations, you have to use your voice to get your goals. But, do you know how to do it? Voice is your main communication instrument and reveals your level of competence and credibility. For this reason, voice training is essential to effectively deliver your public and media presentations. This workshop focuses on training your voice to sound credible in your public speeches. To this end, it aims to learn how to prepare your voice before a speech, how to improve the sound of your voice, and how to use the different elements (tone, loudness, voice quality, intonation…) to enhance your way to speak. Take your presentations to the next level mastering the magic instrument of your voice!


Sunday 18 March 14.00-16.30

3. Pitch Coaching Masterclass: Getting your idea pitch perfect

Linda Green (Director, Leading Creative Talent, UK)

Linda’s approach to pitching combines story development, the psychology of selling and coaching support. The masterclass will take your idea through 3 key areas of refinement to get it pitch ready: from pitch content (what’s the story?), persuasion (what do buyers want?) and performance (how will the pitch run?). The techniques Linda will share have successfully won pitches for a range of content, genres and platforms both inside and outside the BBC. You will walk in with a good idea and walk out with one ready to pitch!


Sunday 18 March 14.00-16.30 

4. Agile project management

Christian Lapointe (Agile Coach, Canada)

With its focus on value and adaptation to changes, Agility is a solution to tackle the fast-changing world and the ever-growing complexity of the solution we deliver to our client. Used first by software development teams, agile is on its way out of the IT world and into every other aspect of the enterprise. Agile brings a whole new set of practices: Daily stand-up, retrospective, iterations … Are they new concepts or just other names to things you were already doing ?

Christian Lapointe is an agile/organizational coach. During his 16 years as an “agilest”, he helped the transition of many organisations and trained thousands of people – among them Radio France, France Media Monde, RTS and EBU.


Sunday 18 March 16.45-18.00

5. Ask Elvis!

Elvis Duran (Morning Show Host – Z100 New York, USA)

Join Elvis Duran from New York’s Z100 and find out the secrets to staying at the top of the Morning Show ratings game in some of the most competitive markets in the US. In this special, intimate and limited-capacity Masterclass, it’s your opportunity to “Ask Elvis” anything you want to help you get the best out of your own Morning Show. You’ll get open and honest answers from the man himself, as Radiodays Europe gives you the chance to chat with a radio legend!

If you are joining the Masterclasses there are also a number of workshops, networking sessions and also the exhibition to visit at Radiodays Europe. Register Today to join in all of the Sunday sessions.

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