Announcing Ed Miliband & Geoff Lloyd at Radiodays Europe!


Session: Reasons to be Cheerful – A politician and DJ’s podcast adventure

Whilst a popular national radio presenter, Geoff Lloyd ended up interviewing the leader of the UK’s Labour party – Ed Miliband – as he criss-crossed the country as part of the 2015 election campaign. They got on well, and when Geoff took a break from his radio show he asked Ed if he fancied doing a podcast with him.

The resultant show – Reasons to Be Cheerful – has topped the iTunes chart in the UK and has been engaging listeners directly with policy ideas presented in an informal self-deprecating way. Combing comedy, great guests and a modern way to talk about politics, find out what the show has taught its two hosts.

Does a politician need a broadcaster to get in the way of reaching the voters and what happens when a previously top-rated presenter leaves his radio station behind? Join Ed and Geoff and find out their own Reasons to be Cheerful.

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