Add a Masterclass!


You can get more of Radiodays Europe by signing up for an in-depth experience with one of our masterclasses on the Sunday afternoon, prior to the Radiodays Europe conference in Amsterdam.

The masterclasses are available for a small extra fee. If you have not made your RDE booking remember to add a masterclass when you register.

There are three workshops/masterclasses to choose from:

1. Storytelling for the airwaves: Crafting powerful stories in the digital age

An interactive masterclass that explores ways that radio journalists can tell better stories using eight essential story elements. Trainer: Brandon Oelofse, an award winning South African screenwriter and filmmaker and a senior trainer at RNTC, NL.

2. Online investigation – the essential skills

A masterclass for anyone who want to learn how to better use social media and online investigation for journalistic purposes. BBC:s online investigation expert Paul Myers will reveal loads of hidden tricks and tips.

3. The mobile video masterclass for radio professionals

In this hands-on workshop, Irish mobile journalist Eleannor Mannion shares the best techniques, apps and tricks to make professional video around your radio stories – even if you’ve never done that before.


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