AI, data and audio is a winning combination indeed!

AI data

AI and data can be used by broadcasters to make their content easier to find, access and understand. By utilising technology you can give your user a personalised experience they care about. 

Steffen Kühne, Tech Lead for the AI + Automation Lab talked about using a map to give users personalised news from locations they care about. Getting regionalised content to users is not easy but AI makes it easier. They take a 5 minute regional news show, cut it into 5 single reports in clips by using AI and then extracting meta data to give the exact location. For example a village mentioned in a report to personalise the users content experience.

Loïc De Visscher, Innovation Manager at RTBF, talked about users being in control – users can onboard through a choice of Spotify, email or social media. A user that has connected through Spotify might be recommended an artist they follow on Spotify in their app. This consistent media journey across different platforms is key. 

Kajsa Norell, Manager Podcast Curation SR Audio App discussed how they used AI to segment the audio from a podcast and then transcribed these segments and after some ‘serious AI’ they created key words and allowed them to create a search bar for people to use to find audio they want on specific topics – such as the AstraZeneca vaccine. You can then click which audio segments you want to listen to and create a timeline or podcast – completely personalised to you. Audio companies need to use transcription to utilise AI.

Kajsa’s key takeaway – cross functionality is key, “I may not know birch models but my colleagues don’t know journalism. Together we work better and stronger”.

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