What talent needs to thrive


As audio competitors like streaming services crop up, it’s only radio and the talent on radio stations that offers advantages over those other services. 

Commissioned specifically for RadioDays Europe and conducted by Currienordén, a new international talent survey reveals that 59% of radio professionals spend between 1 and 3 hours preparing for their programmes. 12% prepare for more than three hours. 

Paul Kaye (Vice President, Music Brands & In House TV Productions at Rogers Sports & Media) and Gry Forssell (Host at Mix Megapol) both agree those numbers are too low. 27% of people prepare for less than an hour which isn’t long enough to test material before taking it to air. 

96% of people who completed the survey want to improve the programmes they’re on. The key way to do that is with human input, results show. Producers, feedback, coaching and discussion are key to creating positive changes within radio programmes. Very few people thought better music, marketing and co-planning was as important. 

Paul and Guy agree that the relationship between Presenter and Programme Director is vital but the quality of relationship between those positions seems to be stronger in North America and Oceania than it is in Europe. ‘If we accept that talent is the bedrock of our business – the difference that makes the difference – why aren’t Program Directors taking it more seriously’, asks Francis. 

Guy thinks that Programme Directors or Content Controllers delay airchecks and other forms of feedback in favour for other, more comfortable tasks. Paul suggests training on both sides of the spectrum is to blame for poor relationships with specialised, nuanced people skills required by both parties. 

Concluding, Paul says that the best relationship is about holding up the mirror to allow presenters, producers and controllers to see the content in the same way as listeners so that both can grow. We’re in an audio renaissance and the future of audio is something to be excited about – and talent is one of the key components of that.

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