AI Expert Benjamin Biering brings his wealth of experience to RDE2023

Benjamin brings a wealth of expertise in Artificial Intelligence to his role as Head of AI at Podimo. With over 10 years of experience, he helps design cutting-edge features for podcast discovery and listening.

His background includes a PhD in audio-visual technologies and perception, and a start as an analyst at a digital agency where he analyzed user behavior data to enhance online experiences. Benjamin then went on to work as a data scientist and product manager at eBay Classifieds, focusing on customer analytics and user experience personalization.

Prior to joining Podimo, Benjamin was the Head of Machine Learning at, an AI startup where he led the creation of a high-performance data science team. Under his leadership, the team delivered large-scale data products for prominent Scandinavian companies.

Now at Podimo, Benjamin leads a team leveraging the latest Natural Language Processing and Understanding technologies, as well as Game Theory, to create an intimate and personalized podcasting experience for users.

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