AI in radio & audio: Monetization


Audio has not been on the radar of online advertisers, as it has been extremely hard to track users’ behaviour in comparison with video. Thomas Kabke-Sommer explained how Crossplan is overcoming such difficulty by using data to create relevance in audio ad campaigns. Data collection at Crossplan agency is GDPR certified. Even though gathering information is immediate, building profiles takes time. By segmenting audiences by different categories – from demographics to interests – the agency has been helping in connecting content to the right audiences. 

Frank Bachér pointed out that the growing range of devices and content distribution products is the biggest difficulty advertising agencies face nowadays. Additionally, most of these devices can not be tracked, which means that most media consumption can not be analysed properly. However, that is changing and RMS has launched the first DMP (data management platform) focused only on audio. In Germany, the platform has started to shake things up for advertisers, proving that data-driven campaigns perform better. On top of that,  things such as ads with dynamic content are already making the best use of data.

Tailoring content sharply increases the possibilities of monetization. If you follow your audience, the money will follow as well.



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