Audio Tech innovations you should not miss – Part 1: The image

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Moderated by Sarah Toporoff, from Podinstall – “Audio tech innovations” combines the insight of Jason Panayotou, from eyeora and Markus Kuehn, from Medienzentrum Berlin GmbH & Co. KG presenting the new digital alternatives to Radio. 

Sarah Toporoff // Hedda Elisabet

The future of radio crosses paths with digital tools most commonly used by social media, just like instagram or facebook. The digital upgrades go beyond  the online innovation of radio stations, it also comes across Virtual Reality. Just like Radiosphere,  it is essential to expand the radio to a digital experience platform where listeners establish better and persistent relationships with the Station. – “Grow your listenership with immersive content”. 

Jason Panayotou analises the ground breaking technology explored at eyeora, such as video and audio 360º, commonly known for video games, but adaptable to so much more content – Just as Radio. To offer listeners the opportunity to, through a Tripod 360, transport itself to the studio where podcasts, interviews or entertainment shows happen is a captivating wow factor for audiences. 

Jason Panayotou // Hedda Elisabet


Raiodesphere is an app that goes with any smartphone device, not only specialized on audio. The app stays exactly in the same spot, so it can change the device.

It’s a lot more expensive to maintain an external website, the idea of RadioSphere is that if everything is connected, it will be easier. – Connect all your network, upgrading it digitally. 

“Imagine like a spotify to radio stations” – Markus Kuehn 

Markus Kuehn // Hedda Elisabet

Companies such as Eyeora and Radiosphere offer the rejuvenation of Radio, rather it be by adapting to Virtual Reality gadgets as an engagement process or by digitalising entire network systems. – Nowadays smart Tv’s can present groundbreaking content thanks to digital and technological shining work – the same may happen, and is happening, for Radio stations everywhere. 


Written by: Andreia Simão and Mariana Serrano

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