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Andrew Mojo, producer and radio presenter at DR P3, led a conversation on stage with radio presenters Kamal Hassan and Havshen Nabaz about their podcasts.

Kamal Hassan, from the “Uden Filter” (“No Filter” in English) at DR P3, talked about the origin of the show’s name. Growing up, he was surrounded by people who spoke without any filter and he brought that influence to the show.

“Sometimes we laugh at things and sometimes we take subjects very seriously” – Kamal Hassan

The Danish show “På Bagsædet” (“On the Backseat” in English) at DR P3 is a relatable and informal conversation about how young people are living. Love, sex, laughter and real stories about what the youth goes through are some topics discussed on the podcast, showing the audience that it’s ok not to be ok. “Sometimes we laugh at things and sometimes we take subjects very seriously”, states Hassan.

Andrew Mojo adds that what distinguishes the podcast from any other is their honesty and the informal language used. “Slang is a part of youth”, says radio presenter Kamal Hassan.

“It’s a podcast where we play together” – Mikkel Niva

The creators of the “Friminutt” (“Recess” in English) program at NRK Radio also went on stage to discuss new formats that appeal to the young public. Arianrhod Engebø, producer at NRK, guided the discussion with Mikkel Niva and Herman Flesvik from the Norwegian podcast.

The radio presenters confessed that initially they thought they were very different people, but suddenly realised they had things in common and quickly became friends. And that’s how the podcast came to be. Mikkel Niva says “Friminutt” is “a podcast where we play together”, putting away the pressure from their work lives.

Lastly, the speakers left the audiente with some advice about creating a podcast: do something that interests you regardless of what others may want to see.


Written by Gonçalo Martins and Rita Silva

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