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Radiodays Europe continues to grow year on year whether that’s at the in-person event or now online. And, not only in the number of people attending but also the number of topics and industries which are represented within the programme each year. 

Originally designed as the “meeting place” for radio professionals from both the public and commercial sectors, with the explosion of podcasting this brought new and interesting players, content and ideas to the programme. So much so, that a sister event was created ‘Podcast Day by Radiodays Europe’ which last year evolved into ‘Podcast Day 24’. Podcast Day 24 was an extremely successful 24 hour, 3 continent event which brought together the world of podcasting and is a joint project with the British Podcast Awards and Australian Podcast Awards. This year at Radiodays Europe there will be a special Sunday event on Podcasting, as well as a number of sessions in the main programme for podcasters also. More news on the special Sunday Podcasting event to come, watch this space! 

Radio and all the many parts of the radio industry remain a focus, with sessions on news, youth, strategy, advertising, diversity & inclusion etc and much more. This year however we are bringing to the conference more speakers who work in the audio sector. Radiodays Europe has for a long time welcomed those in the audio sector as exhibitors and speakers who are not purely about radio but audio for many different purposes. This year the theme for the event therefore is ‘Audio Today & Tomorrow’ switching up the focus to include radio, audio and podcasting. 

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