It’s a drama at Radiodays Europe Malmö 2022


Drama, Drama, Drama  

Audio drama /ˈdrɑːmə/ 1 : a spoken work that tells a story through speech and sound : a usually serious production. 2 : the art or profession of creating or putting on an audio play. 3 : an exciting or emotional situation or event.

It sounds so simple, create a drama, get it commissioned, produce it, grow it, develop it, get the talent in to make it and you have a successful audio drama or do you…as anyone who works in audio drama on radio or in podcasting will tell you, it’s not that simple especially to make a successful drama. 

Matti Kajander is responsible for programming, developing and producing Finnish language audio drama in the drama department of Yle. He has studied Film and TV production in Aalto University and he works on both audio and video stories.

Matti is bringing the drama to Radiodays Europe Malmö 2022 to discuss success in audio dramas through his experience over the years in this area of audio content creation. 

Join the drama Register Now for Radiodays Europe 15 – 17 May 2022, Malmö, Sweden

(photo: Laura Malmivaara)

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