Become The Best Friend Of Your Target Audience


The room was not big enough for all the delegates wanting to find out more about young audiences. 

First up, Rasmus Kidde shared the results of “Convenience and Relationship”, a study about the media consumption habits of Danish youth. A study that had the close cooperation of Radiodays Europe’s general manager, Peter Niegel. 

The research showed how young people use media based on their relationships. While they might not be in a hurry physically, mentally they are very concerned about the future. The so-called Generation Relations is not busy most of the time and uses media basically to avoid boredom. 

The study also looked into how young people include media in their daily routines, Much like adults in their cars, young people use audio media (Spotify, radio, podcasts), mainly on the go.

Marte Sunde Härter showed how the Norwegian public broadcaster is grabbing younger audiences through TV series. The strategy is to narrow target audiences to a very specific archetype. Audience specialists have to know their target’s dreams, hopes and secrets. Social media fandoms and lifestyle choices, such as the clothes they wear and the furniture in their rooms, also weigh in. 

At NRK, scriptwriters know their audience as they know their best friends. They focus on their emotional needs to create a mission for the content they are producing.  Researching the target audience is the key to know them “as if they were best friends”, as Härter said.

Radio stations will only engage with young audiences in a deep manner if content producers truly know who they are.


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