Making Radio Profitable

Nico Aprile

The key difference between broadcasters and Spotify is curation, radio must make good programs with good content.

Should we be making local content or should we centralize content production to save money and use better talent? He suggests neither approach is optimal, in Nico’s view a hybrid approach is best.

Research suggests the channel doesn’t matter that much to listeners, what they really want is more personalisation and that includes the ads. Nico explains how it’s possible to break up the linear fixed elements and add personalised content in-between.

He said the current approach of lumping advertising together in blocks is part of the problem, it doesn’t have to be this way. The audio spot can be part of the program and give a good audio experience.

Automating advertising allows you to trade electronically and focus on the market place providing greater efficiency for your business and the sales agencies.

To sum up he said, invest in the program, invest in digital technology and invest in process automation. Use the digital transformation for the benefit of your listeners.

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