Become A Better Journalist With RDE 2020


Accurate reporting is integral to cultivating news which is both unbiased and portrays the world with the intention to share information both correctly and with integrity. At Radiodays Europe in Lisbon 2020, one of our Sunday Masterclasses is devoted to the topic of constructive journalism. Led by Cathrine Gyldensted, co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Network, this Masterclass will explore ways to avoid blind angles and fake news in reporting, essentially making you a better journalist.

The main focus points of this Masterclass will be how to grow engagement with users and the effective depolarizing techniques which are out there and can make you a better interviewer, moderator or anchor. It will also explore how you can strengthen interview techniques.
Cathrine Gyldensted will guide you through these ideas by sharing a number of techniques for interviewing, emphasizing the values that you should bring into your interviews and your approach to your reporting, as well as what software can help with your constructive reporting approach. Examples will come from De Correspondent, Die Zeit, YLE and the BBC – amongst others.

This Masterclass is an opportunity to learn the techniques that will set you apart from other journalists, teaching you how to report constructively, focusing on how you can paint a picture of the world that is both unbiased and accurate.

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