RDE Lisbon 2020 Welcomes Torben Brandt


Radiodays Europe are excited to announce Torben Brandt as a speaker for our Lisbon 2020 conference.

Torben Brandt is a Danish radio legend and belongs to the “Golden age of the Danish radio documentary generation.”He has been producing and engineering documentaries, reportage, drama, sound art, culture news programs and  is currently the Editor In-Chief for “Radio Tales” (Radiofortællinger) on channel P1 for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Too add to these accalades, he is a media advisor and the inventor of the well known interviewing style “The Moment Interview.” 

Brandt’s work is not exclusive to Denmark, as he has worked as an international media advisor for UN and various NGOs, in Africa, Asia and the Arab world – spreading his reach and strengthening his influence in the industry. 

More recently, Brandt runs frequent Moment Interview Master-Classes for a wide range of upcoming and experienced radio talents and media students in Denmark,  and internationally like the recent Hear Say Festival in Kilfinane, Ireland, with great success.

We wait with great anticipation at hearing from Torben Brandt at Radiodays Europe in Lisbon 2020.

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Header Image: Agnete Schlichtkrull © Type 1

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