BR Managing Director Programming Information Thomas Hinrichs will be speaking in Munich in March

Thomas Hinrichs has been Managing Director Programming Information of Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, part of the ARD network) since 2014. He has played a key role in driving forward one of the biggest reorganization processes within BR and has set up the first program directorate on a cross-media basis, which meant decisive changes for the news departments. Hinrichs is also responsible for the most successful radio program in Bavaria, BAYERN 1. Besides he is in charge of BAYERN 3 and of PULS, BR’s cross media youth program. On top of that he leads BR’s digital units. As AI and data-driven journalism are becoming increasingly important, he has established the Data, AI and Automation Lab Department.

Before that he was Second Editor-in-Chief at ARD-aktuell for eight years. He worked in various editorial Departments since 1990 as TV journalist and a correspondent in Bonn and later in Berlin for the ARD.

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