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Orb Media is a global journalism organisation telling stories that matter to billions of people around the globe. The organisation’s multimedia journalism fuses original research and data analysis with newer forms of social journalism. They turn the public into a reporting resource and resort to old school, on-the-ground reporting in multiple countries to examine issues that cross national and cultural divides.

Molly Bingham, the founder of Orb Media (US) told audiences about and its unique journalism business mode. Orb publishes in partnership with the world’s agenda-setting media. Molly said that she is “catalysing global public dialogue and generating constructive change”.

“We take traditional tools and wrap them in digital technology,” Molly explained, “and because we’re looking at the world as a whole entity, we want to report from around the world.”

All of the reporting is based around eight key areas that Orb focuses on – food, water, energy, health, education, environment, trade, governance – with the goal of driving positive real-world change.

The stories that Orb distribute are produced in multiple languages and formats in order to make them as accessible for those reading, listening, or watching them – in the same way they’re created.

Brands like the BBC are on board. The organisation recently released evidence of micro plastics found in bottled drinking water. It was compelling journalism and 3,617 different organisations picked the story up within 24 hours of it being released.

Some reporters copy verbatim the results Orb provides, others add, but many take their own action and take the news further. Quantitively, 5.6 billion unique monthly visitors might have laid their eyes on the story in some form or another. Qualitatively, government and industry acted on Orb’s reporting. The World Health Organisation launched a health review after the micro plastics discovery, driving real social change.

In conclusion, broadcasters have always been important defining the news agenda, but now the trusted stations are pioneering change through journalism. Let’s change the world together!

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