MOJO: giving a voice to the voiceless


Glen Mulcahy (Founder of Titanium Media, Ireland) showed some of the key platforms, apps and devices to produce and market audio and news.

Until recently, Mulcahy was the innovation lead with station RTÉ.  Over the last five years he has inspired and driven the growth of mobile journalism within RTÉ’s newsroom and across other European broadcasters.

Glen opens with a simple but important line: “We are all beyond just radio. All of us are a combined visual media” showing the importance he places on storytelling, he said: “Mojo is about putting the storyteller at the heart of the story – it brings a visual identity to content”

Glen outlines his tips for mobile journalism with suggestions on what the audience should and should not (Snapchat- if you’re over 40) be using. He highlights how integral the smartphone really is to his mobile practice. “The smart phone is an incredibly powerful tool. It can replicate or replace all your other devices”

In terms of Glen’s key takeways, he gave us a run down of the apps and platforms he thinks are the best for MOJO practices. This includes: Voice Record Pro for audio recording, Ferite for multi-track editing on a iphone or ipad to WZBL for creating a wave form over a branded image and more.

In terms of the future, Glen does not think 5G will take over radio, but he did highlight the need for 4K video, live streaming the evolution of 360 content. When it came to Augmented Reality, Glen said: “I do think this has huge potential for news” and of course, the consumer will be using their phones for this medium.

Glen left the crowd with some sincere closing messages: “MOJO gives us the potential to reach into communities we don’t currently reach” and that broadcasters should not see social media as a pipeline “don’t just use it as a way to push your content or regurgitate what you are doing.”

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