Busy Being Black

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Josh is also known  for being a great interviewer, and his process of selecting the guests and the topics of the podcasts comes naturally. In his episodes, he doesn’t try to do an interview: “Anybody that comes to the show has something interesting to say. When I have a question I just think about who is the right person to answer that question”.

Josh’s focus is on the black community. His goal is to surprise and have a personal and close conversation:“When I share my learning, people respond to that – sharing knowledge is what really makes us better. The joy of the podcast it’s you can’t talk back. When people sit there and listen , they can learn”.

The podcast “Busy Being Black” isn’t just related with important concerns about racism and the struggles that the black community has to face worldwide, they explore subjects like diversity within and among (LGBTQ+) people of colour, through the segment “Theories in the flesh”.

“The show is like a constitution for queer black people” – Josh is proud of the evolution of the podcast, he learned how to build the project from scratch.

In his episodes, he doesn’t try to do an interview: the focus is on making a conversation. Knowing the ones he is talking to, makes his work a more personal and unique experience. To anyone who is listening to: is like a personal space where they can feel emotions.

Busy Being Black has legs. Josh Rivers wants to start a tv show – do it for the community’s love. 

Written by: Artyom Laptev, Gonçalo Borbinha and Mariana Serrano

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