Car development and audio quality move forward hand in hand

radio in cars

Radio has always been a very popular platform in the car, being a closed space, capable of protecting the sound and emitting it with great quality.

But with the increasing use of other audio and radio platforms, what will the future of in-car audio and radio look like?

That’s what speakers Roger Lanctot, Joe D’Angelo, Hans Bleckert and Tomas Granryd talked about in this session.

“The architecture of the vehicles is being designed with radio broadcast and the audio quality in mind”, said Roger. The monitors inside the cars, in some cases in tablet format, make it more accessible to listen to the radio, but also to listen to podcasts and music playlists via wireless connection.

Currently you can find two offers on the market: Automotive broadcasting and automotive broadcasting with the internet. Both allow connection to the cell phone, through bluetooth that allows connecting to the computer. The wireless connection allows to broadcast more audio platforms in the car and reach other content.

“The radio has never been the most worked on component in the car”, said d’Angelo. However, due to the increasing digitization and development of the automotive world, it was important, according to Joe, to embrace innovation to meet the challenges of the present. It is important to take into account “choice, flexibility and technology”, he reinforced.

Roger also spoke of the fact that the car’s infrastructure itself, if more worked on, will make the audio experience, with more quality, an innovative experience.

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