Daring to say out loud what has been made silent for too long

voice of generation

Babak Vakili is a rapper and podcaster. He is also a second generation immigrant. He realised children like him felt alienated by society, often asked ‘What are you?’. The podcast looks to find the route of this – from the individual to the media and politicians. 

“As a kid you long for that one word which tells you who you were…as a kid it was so important to be like here, this is your box and this makes sense to me.”

He talks about how the podcast aimed to articulate the dichotomy of the self one feels when they are both Danish and Iranian and tried to do it creatively through conversations with children, pillowtalk with ‘Denmark’ and an audio story of a car journey through history. 

The real key to enlightening people about society is to make it personal – Vakili created a personal podcast that in turn was able to resonate with a generation of second generation immigrants.

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