CEO of OH WOW Podcasts Jeanne Drach joins the RDE24 line-up

Jeanne Drach is an Austrian and French entrepreneur, musician and audio storyteller. She is chief voice and CEO of OH WOW Podcasts, the production company she founded in Vienna (Austria) in 2019. Jeanne specializes in conceptualizing and crafting narrative audio formats and soundscapes, as well as conducting interviews and conversations. With 15 years of experience in stage performance as a puppeteer and as a singer of her band KIDS N CATS, her expertise reaches beyond the usual audio production training.

With OH WOW Podcasts, her goal is to create an ‘OH WOW moment’ in every podcast.
OH WOW Podcasts produces a variety of formats, both fictional and non-fictional, for media organizations, brands, and personalities in German, English, and French – covering everything from concept development to production, and from editorial work to hosting.
Corporate clients include Red Bull, the Austrian Postal Service and the European Parliament.

Their now 10-member team consists almost entirely of women – radio journalists, podcast producers, and marketing experts. OH WOW Podcasts combines profoundness with lightness, while always sounding clear, vibrant, and consistently surprising.

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