Radio host Andrei takes the stage at RDE24

Andrei Niculae is a 29 years old radio host at Virgin Radio Romania, presenting the morning show since 2021. Before that, he hosted the drive time show, at the same radio station. He has been working in radio for 7 years, with passion and devotion.

He created some innovative games for his listeners such as “Radiopoly”, “Money or the suitcase”, “Gone in 60 seconds” and many more. His greatest achievement is “The Niculae’s Marathon”, a radio show where he spent 51 hrs on air.

“The Niculae’s Marathon” has 10 editions, the last one being the biggest until now. Andrei spent 51 hours on air and online, streaming his show live on TikTalk and he had 72 guests (influencers, artists and famous people from Romania). In the last editions he was on air for 48 hrs, 36 hrs, 27 hrs, 24 hrs, 9 hrs.

“Radiopoly” is a game where you have to spin the wheel, get a number from 1 to 6 and move the pawn on the table as many squares as there are on the wheel. On the squares from the table are several games like “Guess the sound”, “5 words in 5 seconds”, “Gone in 60 seconds”.
He is also a DJ, playing music at parties and festivals.

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