Create your podcast by using the MethodKit for Podcasts – A hands-on workshop with DW Akademie

Podcasting is not just two people talking in a room and randomly having a microphone on. It’s so much more! No other medium offers as much flexibility and allows for such creativity. That’s the main message the participants received during the hands-on podcast workshop by Julia Minner, Laura Döing, Barbara Gruber of Deutsche Welle Academy.

The podcast market is expanding rapidly, with the number of listeners growing extensively, making competition tough. Therefore, you need to consider every aspect of podcasting. 

In recent years, DW Academy has interviewed top-tier podcasters worldwide, identifying the key ingredients of a successful podcast. They developed a TOOLkit of 60 topics you should consider when producing your podcast, involving aspects regarding development, production, or publishing.

Participants in the workshop, including journalists, program directors, producers,hosts and many other got introduced to the MethodKiT, and used it to provide feedback on podcast snippets and pitch podcast ideas to the group. 

In only two hours the group developed and discussed new podcast ideas about diverse ideas: From a Podcast about kids opinion about news, funny since news as well as the story of successful people that once in their life have been homeless. 

All of the pitches had one thing in common: they demonstrated that podcasting is a unique medium because each podcast show is one of a kind.

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