“What is the current state of podcasts?” The Podcast Summit has the answer

“The podcast hype is over!” That’s a popular headline currently being used. But, as Marie Lorenz-Bokeberg of the podcast production company Pool Artists points out, despite some podcast firms being shut down and people getting laid off, there is more money than ever in the market, and more importantly, the number of people listening to podcasts is growing rapidly. Marie stresses that the podcast industry is still relatively young, and we are witnessing the emergence of the first generation of podcasters. Now is the chance to establish a fair market. It’s the perfect moment to enter the podcast market! 

Following that, Matthieu Rawolle, a media analyst of the European Broadcasting Union, shared the hard facts that support Marie’s message. According to Matthieu’s research, already more than a quarter of EU citizens are regular podcast listeners. In the age gap of people between 15 and 34 years old, already 44% are regular users, nearly surpassing radio listenership. 

Most importantly, there is still room for growth: Many people who listen to podcasts haven’t even discovered them yet. Rawolle points out that the most popular ways podcasts are promoted are through word of mouth and other media outlets. 

There was much interesting insight from Ana Ribera, Editor in Chief of Prisa Audio and Alexander Damiano Ricci, COO and founding member of Europod. The linguistic and cultural fragmentation of the European podcast market is one of the biggest hindrances to its development. WePod, a European project financed under the Creative Europe – journalistic partnerships call, aims to experiment and find practical solutions in terms of co-production practices, adaptations, IP trade, and knowledge transfers. WePod is more than a project; it is a vision of what European collaboration can and must achieve in the field of digital media and journalism. Through working together, we are not only producing content that transcends borders, but we are also creating a community of professionals who believe that the profitability and sustainability of this medium are a priority.

Arielle Nissenblatt- community marketing manager of Descipt delved into podcast marketing – a part of podcasting that many people feel disoriented about. Arielle pointet out, podcast needs to have a unique selling point. To reach people who listen to podcasts, you must gain an overview of the podcast landscape, explore guesting opportunities, utilize feed swaps, and attend physical events. Arielles most important message: There no shortcuts! Podcasters have to be patient and work together to be successful in Podcast marketing.  

Afterwards the speakers came together with host Sam Bonham to discuss the audience questions about the importance of video content, the perfect podcast length and what Michelle Obama’s Podcast could have done better.

After a brief break, the discussion turned to best practices for successful creators. Meera Kumar highlighted the versatility of podcast formats, urging creators to take their time in crafting content. Norma Jean Belenky of Podbean discussed marketing and monetization strategies, encouraging creators to consider in-podcast advertising and sponsorship opportunities. 

Andrew Davies from ABC Australia shared insights from “ABC Quick Smart,” advocating for shorter podcast formats, even beyond news content. Following a pilot run, ABC found that a short Q&A format resonated well with the audience, particularly with a younger demographic. Davies explained how the show’s success reflects a broader trend toward shorter podcast formats, catering to audience preferences for concise content. 

Finally, a panel consisting of Liam Thompson, Brett Spencer, Arielle Nissenblatt, and Joanne Sweeney discussed various aspects of the podcast market. They talked about the differences between creators with institutional backgrounds and those without, podcast monetization, the use of AI in podcasts, the diverse platforms for podcasts, and the rise of short podcasts. The main takeaway: podcasts aren’t dead – they’re still on the rise. There is more to come!

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