On demand and live: Total audience measurement (TAM


This session explored some of the countries that have begun to report all audio – live and time-shifted, broadcast, online and podcast – all in the same measurement.

Emmanuelle Henry (Radio France, France) commented: “Less than 80% of people are listening to French radio – the question is whether those people are really gone for good or if there is a problem with the measurement” She went on to discuss how their new global measurement system is being developed in France. The problem? They have no idea how much this will cost, or if they can afford it. 

She encouraged the audience to keep in mind what is needed and make sure the measurement process is universal, understandable, reliable and, importantly, there is no cheating to build an overall view to break down online and radio. “Think strategy and meaningful data, don’t just communicate the biggest numbers as this won’t work” she said.

Kristian Tolonen (NRK, Norway) talked about their new TAM (Total Audience Measurement) introduced in January. In Norway, they have had over ten years of electronic measurement including PPM licensed for three contract periods and, Kristian points out, they are very happy with.

“The scope for the team was the radio and audio audience measurement aims to measure and report all audio, live and time-shifted from the contractors participating media, both broadcast, online and podcast”

The key takeaway from this session: to accept the possibility for change and rethink everything. Prepare for complexity, and to prepare invest in research to understand your audience.

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