Disaster recovery and Evolving Cloud Strategy

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Hack attacks continue to increase during the 21st century. Government, Telecoms, Energy and Media are the biggest victims. 

That’s what Philippe Generali came to tell us. Philippe Generali is the President/CEO of RCS worldwide. He joined RCS USA in 1996 as Product Manager and served as Vice President of Operations. In 2000, Philippe was promoted to President of RCS.

For Phillippe, media is a big target, including on radio. “They lock up your audio files and access them”–  explained the speaker. 

When the hacker enters the system it starts the Incubation period of the virus. Hackers normally use the window’s weaknesses to enter the system. To protect the system and its software it is necessary to have a cloud strategy. 

Philippe presented Zetta2Go, a new audio system where you can have a fast response and full support. It is also a browser friendly system and fully customizable.

“When you run from the cloud, you have no software to update, no hardware to update, no equipment to maintain, no real estate to dedicate to technology”– concluded Philippe.


Written by: Francisco Sezinando and Gonçalo Martins

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