What’s new in cars?

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 Xperi Holding Corporation presented itself as a solution for improving the experience in the car: “Currently, radio is outmatched and outgunned”, explains Joseph D’Angelo is Senior Vice President of Broadcast Radio for Xperi.

Amazon, Google and Apple dominate the market, and the car industry is suffering for it. Together they hold a combined revenue of 850 billion and crutialy, more than 2 billion users.  It’s necessary to improve the experience in the car with a good interface or voice command – the experience can be improved with Metadata. 

The American firm based in San Jose deals with  licenses technology and intellectual property in areas such as mobile computing, memory and data storage, among others.

The Senior VP appeals that technology needs to be accessible in order to receive digital ad tradicional radio. This is what they strive to achieve in their products and it was developed due to the need of the market. These products have to be adapted so they work in the same way throughout the globe .

The secret for a good radio experience is the analysis of metadata which allows to provide a better experience for the customer.

Written by: Gonçalo Borbinha and Artyom Laptev


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