“Ears are the new eyes”: what is the next level of radio?

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For the younger generation sound is so present in their life. “The world is becoming more auditive. People use headphones to hear podcasts and music, said Benjamin Bucholz. He is the Managing Director of Nacamar, considered a key player in media industry digitalization in Germany. 

He showed how audio has changed over recent years. Nowadays people have more formats besides radio: there are podcasts, sure, but also streaming platforms, social audio and audiobooks, for example. 

Benjamin presented Ybrid, an app available in Germany. It combines radio experience and other new formats, such as podcasts or music on demand. It also allows for “swapping songs in the live session”. A client of Namacar says that radio now can be “immersive” and “highly personal”.

For that, Ralph Andreas said the audio world has to prepare “clever media solutions”. He is Sales Manager at DANEXiS AG in Switzerland. Their focus is to create and refine multimedia content on various channels. 

“Everything is everywhere”, explained Ralph. There are many media platforms so anyone can hear all kinds of content in many formats: DAB+, live, FM, on demand or linear, for example. That is a process: first of all, we create the content. Then it is distributed. At the end people will hear it. That was the main focus of the conference. 

Look “at the mix” and not only “one way”, summarized Ralph. “We produce for humans so we need to have human platforms”, he said. Evolution has to care about people who need it and want it.

Written by Francisco Sezinando and Gonçalo Martins

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