Embracing the digital giants


Ina Tenz (Antenne Bayern, Germany) has been working on new podcast and app-based technologies. She highlighted the value of competition beyond classic competition borders. Antenne Bayern in Munich has built a new radio listening app, with road warnings and safety messages which pop up.

Caroline Grazé (Radiodayer Worldwide, Germany) focussed on the Radioplayer digital platform. She explained that audio listening has escalated quickly because of things like Spotify. She highlighted that accessibility to content is key and stated that in a world when young people don’t care about owning or keeping things, content needs to be accessible and immediate. And to ensure we keep up with that, we need to join forces with digital giants.

Robert Förster, from Multicast (Germany), elaborated on how innovative technology can help radio stations to enrich their content. He showed that young people love listening to audio – and that podcast, YouTube and audio book audiences are growing. In order to compete in 2018, he explained that we need to be a part of these initiatives. His solution at Multicast is to transcribe audio content – and to generate context links to improve SEO. This leads to lots of data on the user. Robert also advocated Skill-Maker.com which helps you to create a skill in minutes and edit content quickly too.

Ina Tenz summed up the session in saying, “We are able now to reach our listeners personally, with personalised content. We can really make a difference.”

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