Emotional Marketing


There are four elements to conveying a message with sound ­ music, sound effects, silence and voice. She focused on verbal information.

She undertook research into the importance of speech in radio Advertising – focusing on what happens in terms of attention and memory – and produced commercials with different intimations and speech rates.  Participants’ heart rates, facial and eye reactions were tested, along with recall and direct questioning.The response was clear. Alter the speaker’s pitch to grab the listener’s attention. 

Equally, the results on speech­rate were clear. The optimal rate is 180 words per minute, a 25% increase on normal conversation. 160 is too slow and not memorable. 200 results in cognitive overload and we can’t follow it!

We need to use tone and pace to keep listeners interested. Start the sentence in a high pitch and fast rate to grab attention. Follow that with a lower pitch and slower rate to put across more important information. We can all take a lot away from this fascinating session ­ both on the advertising side and in programming.


Juliette Nicholls

Imaging/ S&P Producer – Heart Network

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