Event Ideas for Radiodays Europe 2024

Event idea #1: Suggest a speaker 

Does your company have a great idea or a great new product? Or has your project, radio show, podcast just done something amazing? Why not suggest yourself or a friend or colleague to become a speaker at Radiodays Europe 2024? We’d love to hear from you.

Event idea #2: Suggest a panel

Many heads are better than one, so suggest a panel of experts who can talk about a subject from their different experiences. 

Event idea #3: Suggest a topic

What topics do you want to see on the stage at Radiodays Europe 2024? What do you want us to highlight, and who should speak about this topic? There are limitless topics on Radio, Audio and Podcast so choose your topics carefully…we can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

Event idea #4: Become an exhibitor

Showcase your products and services to the very people who can make the decisions, join the showcase that is the Radiodays Europe 2024 Exhibition. 

Event idea #5: Book early, save money on your ticket 

It’s always worth booking your ticket to the event early to get the big discounts!

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