Every growth needs a strategy: what will be the strategy for audio?

growth strategy

In a conversation moderated by Martin Liss, Christoph Falke and Stefan Zilk shared their views on media needs.

For Christoph it is very important for media companies to have their audio strategy: “Without a strategy you are unable to focus”.

With a strategy every company know what to do to improve and you have a way to go to achieve success, it was this idea that Christoph wanted to convey.

“Nowadays the goal of audio media companies is to get their content everywhere and on all platforms in order to reach everyone”, said Stefan. The speaker said that it is not easy, as you have to keep up with trends and the changes they bring to the market.

Christoph praised that the future within the audio industry is promising. The growing consumption of audio and podcasts will continue to register and this will bring new strategies for media companies.

Stefan said that more and more journalists will be producing audio content, within the world of news and sports content. It is also possible to watch live audio conversation and on demand audio in the future.

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