The future of audio at the BBC


With the BBC is preparing to build on it’s successes; Ben Chapman (Head of Digital for Radio, BBC, UK) has recently announced the appointment of the BBC’s first Commissioning Editor for Podcasts Jason Phipps. At Radiodays Europe Ben Chapman will outline the scope of this new initiative from the BBC. The coorporation with Acast for BBC podcasts outside UK. The role BBC sees for podcasts in particularly attracting younger audiences and the future role of podcast in the audio landscape of the BBC? This from the man who decides the future of podcasting at the BBC. Ben Chapman has been in the industry 

Ben Chapman has 17 years experience in broadcasting, he’s worked across radio and TV, events and much more at the BBC. His department includes 20 team members and as Head of Digital this is a growth department. The BBC have been leading the way in terms of digital broadcasting in terms of editorial content, strategy for digital on all platforms. Ben himself covers BBC Radio 1/ Radio 1Xtra, Radio 2 and 6Music, Asian Network, Music Events and, the future of music on the BBC. He is also about developing for the future and recently launched ‘BBC Playlister – the BBC’s first branded, standalone service since the BBC iPlayer….‘. 

Join Ben at Radiodays Europe Podcast Day 2018 to hear about the plans for the future of audio at the BBC!

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