The future of radio in the car


Michael Hill is the Founder and Managing Director at Radioplayer in the UK. He chaired this controversial and conversational session with Philipp Rabels, the Head of Development Entertainment at CARIAD, which is part of the VW Group, ad David Holecek, the Director of Digital Experience at Volvo Car Group.
Philipp talked about gaming and wellbeing as being some of the competitors of radio on the dashboard, focussing on the changing nature of consumer habits. Radio is competing with a lot more now than it did previously. 
David focussed on the needs of his current customers and his potential customers around the world. “Everything we do starts with people” he said, and people all over the world are different. David is looking at ways to ensure that the dashboard works in lots of different countries. 
Then the group talked about about a number of topics in this area…
David asked whether radio was still relevant to drivers in 2022, and Michael questioned the two panel members: “Try building a car without a radio and see if it sells, I don’t think it will?”. 
Philipp questioned why broadcasters had so many different platforms and standards, like FM, DAB and internet connected radio. “We can handle it” said Philipp, but it would be good to “think about” merging things together. 
This debate about cars and radio has been going on for a while, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The broadcast and car industries need to keep working together and building the dashboards of the future. 

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