Podcasts and collaborations – a way forward

8 things

Despite the success of audio, its market is increasingly crowded. This forces producers to reinvent themselves and, in many cases, to collaborate with other producers to achieve success.

It was with this premise that Tim Watkin, Arif Noorani and Andrew Davies joined in a conversation and talked about 8 things, among others also mentioned in the session, that it is important to know for the collaborations to be successful.

One of the points presented was Audience Opportunities, in which the speakers talked about the need for growth and content diversity, following what people are listening to more in order to increase the audience.

Arif said that he learned many lessons from the other projects – “We learn from the projects that failed, from the mistakes made, from the projects that were successful. It is important to see and learn from the other projects done”.

Tim revealed that with his storytelling podcast, you always empathize with people through the collaborations you’re doing. “Each Podcast should be the best version of itslef”, said Tim.

Another point raised by the speakers was the importance of being proactive. If a producer wants to collaborate, it’s important to take the initiative, take the first step and present ideas.

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