Get ready for dotRadio – the new radio domain


A change is coming to your radio stations website. dotCom is done. dotCo.CUK is done. dotRadio is here. It’s the new domain for the whole radio sector. ‘It’s a testament to the vitality of radio, that people are looking for other ways to consume the medium, and to spread the brand’. Graham Dixon is keen to emphasise that this is the future; the dotRadio online domain will be the way to ensure your station keeps relevant, thrives, and is an industry pioneer. The new dotRadio is a protected domain for professionals who are in the industry, and want to join in the thriving community. Dixon tells us that ‘it’s not commercially driven – this is to ensure that it’s led by the radio community, that the right people get the right domains, and it can keep the focus on content’ Not everyone will be able to acquire a dotRadio domain, however. It is only for those genuinely interested in growing the diverse community of the medium. Alain Atero takes us through the specifics of the launch. Split across two periods, you’re able to request a dotRadio domain if you are a radio show, broadcaster, professional, amateur, podcast or manufacturer. The first priority is ‘Official Radio Operators’. According to Artero, there is a quiet time to ‘iron out issues’, before a second launch wave which will invite amateurs, professionals, companies and unions to acquire a dotRadio domain.

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