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The Power of Radio


Once again stations are using the power of radio to show support for the people of Ukraine, along with some of the larger associations in Europe, this ‘One Voice’ approach is bringing together individuals, communities and countries to offer hope plus financial and practical help. 

The BBC has also relaunched two shortwave service on 5875 kHz and 15735 kHz for four hours a day in English for Ukraine, Tim Davie, DG of the BBC said “It’s often said truth is the first casualty of war…In a conflict where disinformation and propaganda is rife, there is a clear need for factual and independent news people can trust”. The BBC has also released and updated figures on the upsurge in traffic to it’s Ukrainian & Russian language websites(1).

Individual stations such as RMF group (Bauer) in Poland has created a station whose purpose is to help those refugees fleeing Ukraine. The station RMF Ukrania can be found on 98.6 FM. 

Today at 8.45 CET 150 public stations across Europe including Ukraine Radio played the song ‘Give Peace a Chance’ written by John Lennon and performed with Yoko Ono. In an initiative created by EBU member Radioeins (rbb) and support by the ARD in Germany a simultaneous transmission of the song went out to the people of Europe(2). 

“Speaking on behalf of Ukrainian Radio, Yurii Tabachenko, Executive Producer, Channel One at UA: Ukrainian Radio, said, “UA: Ukrainian Radio thanks its colleagues from the European Broadcasting Union for their support. It is extremely important that today Europe is united around Ukraine.” @EBUHQ

The EBU also suspended representation of three of its Russian members on all governance groups. The members RTR, Channel One & RDO following this announcement released a statement detailing their intention withdraw from the EBU due to their exclusion from the Eurovision Song Contest (3). 

The Public Media Alliance is actively showing support with more organisations signing their statement for Ukraine and specifically for Ukrainian journalists. They were one of the first associations to come out in condemnation with their statement released on 25th February 2022,  “The Public Media Alliance joins the undersigned in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, but particularly Ukrainian journalists who now find themselves at the frontline of a large-scale European war”. PMA(4). 

More action is planned by radio stations throughout Europe including helping in the relief efforts and raising funds for refugees fleeing Ukraine at this time. 

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