Gry Forssell is one of the most famous radio presenters in Sweden don’t miss her at Radiodays Malmö

Gry Forssell II Fotograf Abraham Engelmark[9]

What makes a great morning show, let the host of an award-winning show since 2004 tell you! 


Gry Forssell is one of the most famous radio presenters in Sweden.

She has hosted the award-winning Mix Megapol Morning Show since 2004. The show is called “Gry Forssell and Friends” and Gry leads the successful show from 6am with a big cast of colleagues & contributors.

Mix Megapol is part of Bauer Media Group which operates over 150 audio brands in eight countries, spanning Sweden Denmark, Finland and Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland and the UK. Combined, Bauer Media reaches over 57 million listeners a week.

TV viewers in Sweden will also recognise Gry immediately for her high-profile TV presence. She has been a TV presenter since 1992 and has presented some of the biggest shows in the country including Big Brother, Gladiators, Pokerface, Film Guides, Horse Shows and many more.

When Gry’s not broadcasting, she is a skilled and passionate horsewoman, and can often be found at the stables or out on a ride.

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